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Give your online business the digital imprint it needs through our tried and tested digital marketing solutions.


Build a brand identity, create customized logos, and design a website that stands out from the rest of the competition. 


Sales are the lifeblood of any business. Let us help you get the sales, leads, and conversions needed to drive business success.


Since 2010, we’ve been involved in 100s of training workshops working with over 50,000 individuals till date. Currently, we offer training workshops on soft skills, digital media, and branding.

Maddiction Inc

Your One-Stop-Solution For All Your Digital Needs!

With over 1000+ satisfied customers and more than a decade worth of experience, Maddiction Inc. is the answer to your business’s online success.







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Maddiction = Our Addiction to MADness


Making a Difference
We are addicted to Making A positive Difference in our client’s business and our customer’s lives!
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Here are the many amazing services we offer. Don’t miss out!


Organic growth is the most cost-effective form of online marketing. Using A-listed bloggers and SEO specialists we create and revamp websites to compete on Google’s top-listings.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is our generation’s word-to-mouth. By designing customized social posts, targeted marketing, and engaging content we can greatly enhance your business’s social presence.

Web Development

Using the latest responsive web designs and web-building tools we create websites that are not only stunning to look at but also meticulously customized to attract your desired target audience.

Delivering both quality and quantity

Making A Difference To Your Online Footprint

From designing beautiful logos to immersive websites, we can do it all!

Brand Identity Packaging

Global Network

Brand Identity Packaging

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Website Development

Zaka Laundry

Website Development

Skinny Jane

Website Development

Sanre Streaming

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