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Google – The Beginning Of A New Empire

The Google Evolution

Ever since its establishment in 1998 Google has grown to become a household name controlling over 80% of the search engine market share. The phrase “Google it” is used all over the world whenever relevant information is required instantly. 

Through its complex algorithm, Google became one of the best search engines churning out concise, relevant data for researchers and internet surfers alike. Google, today, is a multibillion-dollar company and a corporation that has the ability to influence the world as we know it. Google is no longer just a search engine but rather a technology empire owning an entire conglomerate of companies related to the technology industry. 

The company is involved in projects such as robot cars, medical research, wireless networking, and Internet-delivering drones. But all of this doesn’t take away from the fact that at its core Google is an information technology company that controls, manages, and analyzes data and trends of billions of users all over the world. This has allowed Google after many updates to its algorithm to understand users’ search needs and provide more relevant results on even an individual level. 

This has been incorporated into Google marketing strategies that help identify products that are appealing to a user based on past searches and shopping history. This simple yet clever technique has essentially helped revolutionize the way companies market their products to consumers. 

Ever since the growth of search engines the print media industry has seen a sharp decline. Today businesses invent millions of marketing dollars into Google-related Ad campaigns in order to reach out to potential consumers all over the world. 

The Use of Information Systems

Google is a pioneer when it comes to retaining and management of employees and is considered the no.1 company to work for according to Forbes. Google gives its employees the flexibility to choose from a variety of computers and operating systems. They have also developed a portal through the intranet where employees can find relevant information on projects that are being carried out by Google all over the world. 

This allows employees to work on projects that interest them and more importantly allows for to and fro communication. To develop this portal the IT department maintains a balance between buying the products from outside vendors while developing its own software. 

Protections are taken to ensure that information is only available to authorized employees. 

The development of new software is also highly encouraged at Google as it is constantly trying to improve on its current technology constraints to help eliminate errors and save time on countless processes. The Google search engine algorithm is also constantly being updated to ensure the most accurate results on keyword searches. 

By following a Round Robin policy Google can better manage server loads with each server assigned a specific function and divided into several types. This use of information systems is what makes Google the most powerful search engine in the world allowing access to vast amounts of relevant information instantly.

The Use of E-commerce

The Google e-commerce model comprises three value plans. For its users Google has a very simple philosophy; provide highly targeted advertising globally. By constantly fine-tuning their algorithm Google has managed to collect vast amounts of data on users enabling the search engine to learn behavior, interest, and wants. 

This allows for targeted ads to users that are appealing to them based on past searches and buying patterns. Data analysis is the key component that allows Google to understand the needs of its users better allowing it to provide the most relevant and most accurate search results for each keyword. 

Google’s first value plan is for webmasters that own websites by providing them an opportunity to monetize their content based on the traffic that the website generates. Google also provides services like that appeal to its second value plan. Here users don’t need a website but rather generate money through a monetization service called “Adsense”. 

Adsense allows content bloggers to earn money by partnering up with Google allowing it to place ads alongside the blogs and published content. Once content publishers set up their Adsense account Google begins to share a certain percentage of revenue made from having ads on their website or blog page. This is the first group of people that Google attracts in order to generate content online as it allows for content publishers to earn money from their content. 

The second group of people that Google attracts through its value plans are advertisers who are generally business owners or individuals who want to expand their target audience and reach out to a greater number of people either in and around their area or even at a global level. 

Google Adwords is a service that allows business owners to create targeted ads in order to gain new customers. These targeted ads are based on keywords that are associated in a manner that leads to the most relevant searchers clicking on the ad which takes them either to a purchase screen or a website for more information. 

Adwords allows for businesses to reach the desired target audience and is a marketing strategy that allows for proven facts and figures over its effectiveness. Adwords can be created using a variety of custom options such as search volume, keywords, demographics, location, etc. This allows for the best closing rate on ads as only customers interested in the product or service will click on them or search those particular keywords. 

Google Analytics allows companies to see just what kind of ROI they are making and in many cases, businesses have found that online marketing has been the most effective way for them to advertise. Google has also created its own e-commerce platform that allows for products to be uploaded directly. This makes it easier for more accurate image-based results when searching for particular products online. 

Google is constantly improving on ways to enhance the online customer experience by appealing to both consumers and businesses. Google also has one of the strongest e-commerce platforms in the world and partnering up with companies like Amazon is only going to enhance the power of Google from here on end.