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Digital Marketing Workshop

Post Covid-19, times have changed! Your business needs to be equipped for Online marketing!

Digital Marketing Workshop

Post Covid-19, times have changed! Your business needs to be equipped for Online marketing! Explore the depth of Digital Marketing & get ready to position your brand digitally in this masterclass. This two hours workshop will help you understand the use of digital platforms to promote your business, reach more customers and get ready to rock 2021 digitally!

Explore the depth of Digital Marketing Analysis of your brand Digital Audit of your Business Simple things your can implement right away! Content marketing simplified And much more...
This workshop is for Entrepreneurs, small and medium business owners and their marketing professionals, Product creators who wish to sell online, Freelancers who wish to learn digital marketing.
• Introduction To Digital Marketing
• Digital Marketing Review
• Basics Of Digital Marketing
• Social Media Marketing
• Search Engine Optimization
• What is Brand ID
• What is Content Marketing
• Ad Campaigns
• How to setup your business online
• The difference between traditional marketing, digital marketing, content marketing and social media marketing and how to use them.
• How to’s of Digital Marketing strategies.
• How to curate content and the tools that simplify the process.
• How to increase the open rate and effectiveness of your email campaigns.
• How public speaking can create change in a community
• Digital marketing lessons from the innovators and how you can get a great return on your involvement.
• Brand awareness.
• Lead generation.
• Sales.
• Upselling/cross-selling.
• Business Communication Skills
• Pros and Cons of Digital Marketing
• Business Communication Skills
• How to keep your products on the top of people’s minds with SMS and Emails.
• Online Reputation Management
• Conclusion
Maddi Murtaza has trained and coached budding entrepreneurs and business owners in the areas of digital marketing, personal excellence, soft-skills and freelancing skills for over a decade. As a Creative Director he has spearheaded many creative campaigns with multinational brands for television, print, radio, as well as digital media. Currently, he serves as the creative director for Maddiction inc. providing digital media, branding and BPO services out of Canada as well as Pakistan.

Public Speaking Workshop

Maddiction presents a two day workshop for all those seeking to enhance their Public Speaking skills, this workshop is ideal for those who're students, professionals, teacher.

From page to stage you will learn everything from this workshop.
There are alot of parts in this workshop, here are the few things which we will be guiding you throughout this workshop,
Part 1: Audience: We will identify with the audience.
Part 2: Purpose: We begin with the end goal in your mind of speech.
Part 3: Content: We will cover what to include in your session and how to structure it.
Part 4: Slides: We will tell you about how you can make your slide more remarkable and understandle.
Part 5: Confidence: We will guide you how you can your confidence and how to overcome your fear of stage.
Part 6: Delivery: How to deliver your session and how to use the best body language.
Part 7: Questions: How to bring Q&A in your session.
Part 8: Preparation: How to prepare your presentation and how to deliver it.
Part 9: Appearance: Attire. What to wear.
Part 10: Presentation Guide: Type of presentation
• Audience Analysis
• Content Development
• Understand the process of communicating with others
• How public speaking can create change in a community
• Identify approaches to humor in public speaking
• Factors to consider when performing audience analysis
• Different types of audience analysis
• Ways of engaging audience
• Method of choosing a topics.
• Using of flip chart and poster in session

Proposal Writing Workshop

Maddiction Inc is offering a Proposal Writing Workshop to all the people who have keen interest in proposal writing or having difficulty making their proposal, Maddiction is here for you all to give you a workshop where you can be the best of the bestest in Proposal Writing. The aim of this workshop is to give you excellence on Proposal Writing and how you can be the best.

• You will learn about Proposal Structure
• You will learn Proposal Development
• How to know yourself and situation
• Reading Order/Writing Order
• The Proposal Network
• Project Approval And Many more.
• Full Online Courses Modules (hours)
• Live Online Direct Coaching Session
• One Live Q&A Session
• Whatsapp Enteraction On Call (30 Mins)
• Understand what is proposal writing and why it's important
• Learn the Proposal Network
• Aesthetics Of Proposal Writing

Mental Health Workshop

Are you dealing with Mental Health issues? Do you feel you're anxious about everything you do, don’t panic. Maddiction is here for you, to make your anxiety go away. Maddiction brings you the intensified activity loaded one day workshop on “Mental Health” so you can discover your inner self, your happiness, what it is, on what it depends, how you can retain and sustain your happiness within you. This event is highly recommended for the ones that feel demotivated, continuously stressed, upset, unhappy for no reason or want to be happy but life gives you lemon.

This workshop is for those that feel demotivated, continuously stressed, upset, unhappy for no reason or want to be happy.
•Explain the difference between mental illness and mental health
• List common adult mental illnesses
• How to promote Mental Wellbeing in the workplace and look after your own Mental Wellbeing.
• Describe symptoms related to different mental illnesses
• Learn practical ways of supporting those with mental illness.
• Family Problems .
• Relationship Issues
• Financial Mental Issues
• Why Mental Health Matters.
• Myths About Mental Illness.
• A Review of Common Mental Illnesses.
• Mental Illness and Addictions.
• Mental Illness and Suicide.
• Keys to Creating a Supportive Environment.
• People and Organizations to Access. .
• How to Stay Focused and Happy.
• Tips for Supporting Those That May Be Struggling.
• How to Approach Someone About a Mental Health Concern.​

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